We live in a fast paced world filled with fast food and fast choices. We’re constantly connected to the world at large through internet on our cell phones, on our laptops, on our desktops and now even our TVs. With all this speed and connectivity, we’ve seem to have lost contact with ourselves. We’ve let our appetites and eating habits speed outta control until they’ve pushed us into the realm of obesity.Hopefully, I can help change that. How?

  • The plan is simple: It requires no special food, no counting of calories, points, fat, carbs, proteins, etc.
  • You have all the tools already: It requires no special book, scale, calculator, etc. You might want to use either a watch or cell phone, but even that’s not required if you can count in your head.
  • Reign in not only your waistline, but your life: It helps you not only lose weight, but brings other joys into your life.

If this sounds like something you can handle, head on over to the page that describes the diet. Or head on over to the blog and read the experiences of people actually living the One Minute Bite.

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