2011 Wrapup and renewed plan for 2012

The Weigh-In

I’m embarrassed to say the scale tips in at 221.3 lbs. When I stopped doing one minute bite in June, I was 194. In the six months since, I’ve almost gained all my weight back.

“Where you been? And why did you stop?”

Sorry for the hiatus everyone. Travel got a bit hectic over the summer and, to be brutally honest, I got cocky. I was like, “I got this. I don’t need to time myself anymore. I can just gauge how hungry I am or am not.”

I was wrong.

Like I say on the plan page, you MUST time your bites. In my case, I thought that 6 months would be enough time to rewire my eating habits that I had for 30+ years. Success does that to you. It makes you cocky when you shouldn’t be. It makes you think you’re better than you really are.

Back on It

Last year, I did 30 pounds in 6 months. This year, I’m going to go at least the full year to see where I end up. I’m much more humble this time around, so my initial success won’t get the better of me.

About Tom

I'm the founder of the One Minute Bite. I'm fat, but I don't do anything extreme that should make me fat...or so I thought. After taking a look at my habits and of those around me, I noticed something: Most people eat way too fast. I created One Minute Bite to help fight that. This website will track my progress as I put this diet plan to the test.


  1. Tom, I also gained my wieght back, but Im back on the one minute bite plan and Ive lost close to 10 lbs scince I started trying to lose close to 2 weeks ago. Only this time Im using http://www.stickk.com/ to keep me accountable, making my custom goal eating my bites one minute average, its helping! I put money on it!

    • Yeah, I keep starting and stopping. For me, if I time it, I adhere to it. If I don’t start the timer, it’s shot. I just gotta remember to time my bites.

  2. I got a watch with a big face , so I use that or my stopwatch usually. I am also only eating 10 bites at a time (usually when Im hungry) at home, 18 at restaurants, and up to 25 away from home. This really has shrunk my stomach, and helps me be more satisified with less food, combining the 1 minute bite thing.

    Also doing Leslie Sansone mile system about 3-5 miles a day 6 days a week average. I am up to 13.2 lbs down now.

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