There’s less of me, but I’m more hungry

The Weigh In

Today I came in at 195.7, which means no real measurable weight loss in a long time.

I’m More Hungry

To be honest, I’m not really sure what’s going on. Lemme rephrase that. I know what’s NOT going on. I’m not adhering to the one minute bite system. I’m not timing my bites and I’m definitely eating past the “no longer hungry part”. Here’s the weird thing though: I’m not gaining weight. Before I reached the 193 weight level, if I fell off the wagon, I put weight back on rather quickly. Now, I can fall off the wagon and just maintain.

Part of it is that my body now understands how much it can handle. By that, I mean this. Before, I would gorge non-stop each and every day, slowly packing on the pounds because I would eat to the point of excess. I’d be popping antacids like a junkie pops pills. I’d sit on the couch complaining to my wife, “Why’d you let me eat so much?”

This time around, even though I “pig out” in comparison to One Minute Bite standards, it’s not quite at the levels that I was at before. I may eat more than I should, but I don’t eat to the point where I’m sick. I just eat quicker and thus eat more of it, but I’m still not at the shoveling levels that I once was.

I’m not a doctor or a dietician, so I don’t have any scientific answers. However, I can help but think the fact that I weigh 25% less means that my “full” level is now 25% less than it used to be. I can’t really say if my stomach has shrank much or if my appetite has permanently undergone some sort of transformation, but I think it has. Granted, I still have a gut though. Therefore, I will definitely be getting back on the wagon and aiming to lose that last 30 pounds or so. My family seems to think 165 is too skinny, so it may wind up being a goal of 175 instead. Like I’ve said in past posts, I think my body will slowly stop losing weight and then reach a point where it’s comfortable. We’ll see.

In another post this week, I’ll talk about traveling while on the One Minute Bite. The looks, opinions and experiences I encountered while doing One Minute Bite in front of a large number of friends and strangers at a recent conference I spoke at.

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I'm the founder of the One Minute Bite. I'm fat, but I don't do anything extreme that should make me fat...or so I thought. After taking a look at my habits and of those around me, I noticed something: Most people eat way too fast. I created One Minute Bite to help fight that. This website will track my progress as I put this diet plan to the test.

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