Another One Minute Bite Success Story

I’ve experienced success on One Minute Bite, but am I the anomaly or the norm? Many have said that until some stranger (and preferably, a female) tries the diet out and succeeds, they won’t believe it as a viable diet plan. Well, I’m glad to say to those people, here’s your proof!

Early on in my One Minute Bite journey, I met Amanda. She had stumbled upon the site via a web search for “One Minute Bite”. She was used to counting her chews in between bites, i.e. how many times she chewed the food once in her mouth vs the time between placing food in the mouth. However, she wasn’t losing weight like she thought she should. This led her to think about the time in between each spoonful/forkful/bite. She went out to search about that process and stumbled upon this site. Since this made sense to her, she added the One Minute Bite philosophy to her chew counting regimen.

That was awhile back. I thought about checking in with her, but didn’t want to be nosey or pushy. Then out of the blue on Friday, I got this wonderful email from her:

I have lost  close to 25 lbs in about 6 weeks doing one minute per bite AND counting my bites. I havent been perfect, but I use a stopwatch and a golf counter. I was 200.8 towards the beginning of February. Today I was 175.4- 176.4

I am down to about 14 bites per meal, and I eat whatever I want. Breakfast is only a few bites.

One minute per bite really helps me to slow down and not feel so deprived with such a small amount of food. While my husband sits across the table, Him and I finish around the same time. Instead of me inhaling my food in 3 minutes and then I am sooo tempted to overeat while the rest of my family eats! Sometimes He is done before I am!

I also try to focus on waiting for hunger before eating. My goal is 155 lbs.

As you can imagine, I was just ecstatic when I got that email. The purpose of One Minute Bite was to help me lose weight. The point of this website and blog was to hopefully help others. It’s awesome to see that it’s already helping others and it’s only been up a few months!

Congratulations, Amanda! I hope you continue to experience success.

One thing she and I both notice is that the weight loss amount tends to slow down as you lose weight, which makes sense. My idea is that it will slow until you reach the weight your body thinks it should be, but Amanda and I still have a ways to go before we hit that point.

If you’ve tried One Minute Plan with (or without) success, please head over to the contact page and let me know!

About Tom

I'm the founder of the One Minute Bite. I'm fat, but I don't do anything extreme that should make me fat...or so I thought. After taking a look at my habits and of those around me, I noticed something: Most people eat way too fast. I created One Minute Bite to help fight that. This website will track my progress as I put this diet plan to the test.


  1. Thanks Tom for adding this to your blog! One minute per bite really works! I have Binge eating disorder, and by taking one minute per bite, it is alot harder to binge. I have time to reflect on whether I really want to or not, and usually my decision is no! Eating fast is a big problem in gaining wieght!

    Counting my bites along with one minute per bite has really helped the wieght to come off. I also keep a diary of how many bites I take ect and what I eat. There have been studies on this, if you keep a food diary you lose more wieght and even keep it off better. It does help!

    I am now down 27.4 lbs as of this morning. 173.4

    Good job on all the weight you have lost Tom!

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