I hit 203, then slipped

The Weigh In

Today, I’m 204.5. I should be ecstatic because I’m 1/3 to my goal. However, I was also 1/3 to my goal about 5 days ago. Even worse, I was down to 203 lbs just a mere 2 days ago. What happened?

Don’t Lie to Yourself: It’s Okay to Throw Stuff Away

I fell off the wagon again, not watching my bites or my speed. It started on Friday night, when I made steak. See, I knew my steak would get cold so I lied to myself. “If you don’t eat it fast, it’ll get cold and you’ll wind up throwing it away.” This is a variation of a theme we always tell ourselves, “They’re starving children in Africa”, “Waste not, want not”, “Clean your plate or you’re going to be in trouble.”

It’s okay to toss out what’s on your plate vs. cramming it down your throat, even if it’s a really nice steak. If you’re food gets cold using the One Minute Bite plan, then it probably means there was too much food on the plate to begin with.

Water Helps a Lot

Another thing I’ve noticed is my correlation to over-indulging at meals and my lack of water intake. On the days I do well, I drink a lot of water. I like water, so it’s not hard for me. However, on the days I gain weight, I don’t drink much water.

I remember reading or hearing somewhere that most midnight snacking could be eliminated by drinking a large glass of water. How true this is, I don’t know because I don’t get midnight cravings. However, I bet the same logic equally applies to our hunger during the day. Which reminds me, where’s my water?

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I'm the founder of the One Minute Bite. I'm fat, but I don't do anything extreme that should make me fat...or so I thought. After taking a look at my habits and of those around me, I noticed something: Most people eat way too fast. I created One Minute Bite to help fight that. This website will track my progress as I put this diet plan to the test.

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